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Our Meal Plans Set You Up for Success

  • Each includes a grocery list, estimated cost per meal, and the ability to swap out the suggested recipes for different ones if you prefer.
  • Each meal plan is carefully curated to meet your needs – start the week with a larger batch recipe, enjoy protein-filled meals both with and without meat, and streamline your groceries with our well-thought out plans.
  • Never run out of dinner ideas with our large collection of meal plans and recipes!


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Weekly Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up to Receive Weekly Meal Plans?

Click here to sign up to receive our Weekly Meal Plans straight to your inbox each Sunday. You can access the current week’s plan plus older weekly pre-built plans at anytime here:

Why Should I Meal Plan?

Do you ever catch yourself asking “what should we have for dinner?” multiple times a week? By utilizing our Weekly Meal Plans – ask no more! Meal planning for yourself and a family can be a burdensome task, so let us help! When you follow a weekly meal plan, you can streamline your groceries, use up leftovers in a timely manner, maintain healthy (but delicious!) eating habits, and save time and money each week.

I Have a Big Family – Can I Adjust How Many People I am Planning For?

Yes! Our Weekly Meal Plans are created with a family of 4 in mind. To adjust this to fit the needs of your family, simply press the “+” or “-” symbols underneath each dish to adjust the servings amounts. Doing this will also automatically update your shopping list. You can also adjust serving amounts in the shopping list. For help with this, click here for tutorials. Still stuck? Reach out to us at

How Do I Swap Out Recipes?

View tutorials on how to save recipes, swap out and add your recipes, and view your shopping lists, and more.

How Do I Access My Previously-Saved Recipes?

Access your recipes here.

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