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Travel is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, but it can also be a source of frustration. We’ll cover it all: where to go, how to get there, what to do, and, most importantly, how to stay sane and safe during the trip. It’s not just about dream destinations, it’s about making those dreams a reality.

A view of the swamp

Why you should visit the Everglades (and our top tips for a memorable adventure)

Get a taste of Everglades National Park from Loop Road, a scenic drive that you can travel on foot, by bicycle, or from a motor vehicle.
A wheat beer and a pils are standing on a table in a beer garden

Plan your end-of-summer road trip: The 10 best beer cities to visit

The beach at Playa Los Cerritos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Tired of touristy Cabo vacations? Why La Paz is the Mexican destination for you

A flight attendant checking on the inside of a cabin on an airplane.

Pilot’s speech on plane etiquette goes viral (and he makes some good points)

A nighttime photo of the Las Vegas skyline

There’s a really good reason not to drive to Las Vegas this summer (or maybe ever again)

Traveler carrying a laptop checking flight schedule.

Now is the time to book a flight for Thanksgiving and Christmas: Holiday travel tips from an expert

Man waiting for flight at airport.

Looking for an affordable flight for your summer vacation? One report tells you which airports have the lowest fares

A view of Caesars Palace from outside

Here’s your exclusive look inside Caesars Palace: the Las Vegas Strip’s iconically imperial Roman resort

Tourists in France taking pictures in a busy spot.

A study says these European countries have the most pickpockets

Keizersgracht Reguliersgracht in Amsterdam, Netherlands

These are the top travel experiences in the world, according to TripAdvisor

A person holding up their passport in an airport.

Will Americans need a visa to visit Europe in 2024? The new requirements, explained

La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe.

The best Santa Fe restaurants: A guide to this city’s incredible food and wine

A look inside a hotel room at The Phoenician.

Last minute hotel deals: Where to find them at the lowest prices

Take advantage of what's left of the summer and book a great discount on a hotel with these last-minute booking options.
Person using a credit card to online shop

Elevate your vacation plans: These are the 5 best credit cards for travel rewards

What are the best credit cards for travel rewards? We weighed the pros and cons of five popular options, including from Chase, AMEX, and Bank of America.
Man with a beard standing on the beach.

7 essential travel tips if you’re dealing with a heat wave

If your travel plans are too bright, keep these tips in mind to stay cool and safe in a heat wave. We want you to have fun without turning into a melted mess.
A view of the beach at 1000 Steps Beach in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.

Bonaire is the best Caribbean island getaway you’ve never heard of

Bonaire offers you a unique opportunity to escape to a different kind of tropical getaway. Are you ready to get away in a whole new way?
how to sleep on a plane man sleeping sunset

10 great tips for sleeping on a plane (even if you’re stuck in coach)

If you haven't nailed down a routine to fall asleep on a flight, we have the tips for sleeping on a plane, no matter what section or seat you'll be in. 
Airport security barriers with long line in background

These frequent travelers could face additional TSA security screening at the airport

The airport security line is the bulk of our wait when traveling. Here's why the Clear airport security program isn't going to save you as much time anymore.
Man running through the desert landscape of The Grand Canyon.

These are the world’s most grueling and insane endurance races

For those crazy few runners who demand more than "ordinary" marathons can offer, these are the world’s toughest, most grueling, most insanely hard races.
Backpacker in the summer

7 telltale signs it’s time to put the ‘backpacker’ life behind you

Backpack traveling tends to be a young person's game. Here are a few signs that it's time to travel like a grownup, and tips on how to do it.
Denver, Colorado.

A psychedelic guide to Denver: Getting weird in the Mile High City

Thanks to decriminalization, Denver is the most psychedelic-friendly city in the United States. Here's how to enjoy that to the fullest.
An RV and a Jeep at a campground with the setting sun in the background.

This new website is like Airbnb for RV enthusiasts and campers (and it’ll plan trips for you with A.I.)

Planning a road trip? RV camping and roadtripping doesn't have to be a headache with this trip planning site that uses next-gen A.I.
The inside of a busy airport.

A new study says these are the best airports for hungry travelers

Travel season is here, meaning planes, meals, and takeoffs. Here are the best airports for food, according to a useful new study.
Night Sky Over Idaho's Craters of the Moon

Where will the next U.S. national park be?

The 64th and newest National Park will be here soon. Here are the candidates and what the naming process is like.
a blurred photo of a passport

There’s a new way to apply for a passport (if you live in these states)

Need to apply for a passport? The U.S. State Department may becoming to a library near you to help. Here's what to know.
A view of the private beach at the Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resort in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

This incredible Puerto Rico resort has something for everyone (plus, tips for a better trip)

Should the Wyndham Palmas Beach & Golf Resort in Puerto Rico have us all rethink our assumptions of a Wyndham brand hotel?
Mount Everest with prayer flags in the foreground

Want to climb to the top of the world? Here’s how long it takes to climb Mount Everest

From landing in Nepal to standing on top of the world, how long does it take to summit Mount Everest?
A few people enjoying the black sands of a beach near Vik, Iceland.

Pack your sandals and sunscreen, and head to the world’s best black sand beaches

Here's our list of the 18 best black sand beaches in the world. You'll never see sand the same way again.
Man stretching from his hotel bed

This is the best in-room hotel workout routine for the next time you travel

Try this 20-minute, no-equipment total body workout created by certified trainer Kenta Seki in your hotel room. Or check out these other great options.
Young man wearing headphones listening to music.

Bose’s best noise-canceling headphones are heavily discounted today

If you've wanted to grab a new pair of headphones for a while, these two Bose deals are great for travel, commuting, and general day-to-day use.
Young man relaxing with his laptop by a pool.

Here are the best places for expats to live and work abroad

The great migration has young professionals flocking all over the world for remote work opportunities. Here are the best places for expats to work and live.
A man stargazing.

Report: These are the best stargazing spots in the U.S.

This summer is the perfect time to go on a stargazing adventure. However, choosing the right stargazing spot can make or break your experience.
Glass of wine in front of vineyard

The 5 states with the most wineries (besides California)

California isn't the only place with incredible wineries. These are a few states to check out if you prefer the wine trail less traveled.
An airport passenger waiting for a flight looking out the window.

A new study reveals the airlines people complain about most

Tweets were analyzed and data was collected to come up with the airlines and airports people complained about most, and what their dissatisfaction was about.
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Your complete guide for a Northern Arizona road trip

The Grand Canyon may be one of America's most famous national parks, but there's so much more to see and do in Northern Arizona.
A scene from The Vines Global's May 2023 trip to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The ultimate wine club? Here’s what you should know about The Vines Global

We headed to Oregon's Willamette Valley to see for ourselves how The Vines Global may be the ultimate "wine club."
VW van

From efficient to exotic, these are the best road trip cars for exploring the country

These 15 road-worthy vehicles will make any cross-country trip even more enjoyable. Whether you can actually afford them or not is another matter.
A ski resort in the summer with a lake and resort buildings.

5 great reasons why you should go to your favorite ski resort this summer

There's more to just ski resorts than snow. Sure, they're the place to be in winter, but many of them also come alive during the summer months.
AirFly device, headphones, passport, airpods, and plane ticket spread out on red table.

This must-have travel accessory is nearly weightless and costs less than $55

The AirFly wireless adapter from Twelve South is going to be your new best friend whenever you leave the house, wherever you go, but especially when you fly.
A person hitting a shot on the golf course.

Tee up at the best golf resorts in the country

The only thing better than playing golf is doing it again the next day. Here's where that comes naturally: At the best golf resorts in the land.
Buddhist Temple in Hawaii.

This U.S. attraction is TripAdvisor’s top travel experience in the world

TripAdvisor released its list of the best things to do, and a U.S. attraction landed at number one. See where people say is the top place to visit.
united airlines app changes phone

Does air travel stress you out? You’ll love these changes to the United Airlines app

The United Airlines app will make sure you know where your flight is, and will help if anything goes wrong. Here are the updates you're going to geek out over.
Man standing triumphantly atop a peak in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest.

The best U.S. destinations to visit this July

If you’re looking to enjoy the summer season and the perfect weather by getting far from home, here are five perfect U.S. destinations worth a visit.
best national parks rv camping yellowstone 2

Here’s everything you need to pack for a trip to Yellowstone National Park

Just like Old Faithful, these essential items can always be counted on to ensure a safe and fun adventure trip to Yellowstone National Park in 2023.
A busy airport with people getting in line at check in.

The U.S. airports with the shortest (and longest) security wait times

See which US airports have the shortest TSA wait times to help you keep your calm, and which ones might make your nostrils flare with impatience.
A person on a plane on their laptop and phone.

What to bring on a plane: Experts reveal what should always be in your carry-on

Have no idea what to pack in your carry-on? Our friendly experts put together the list of what to bring on a plane, so you don't have to stress about it.
wes anderson asteroid city inspired airbnbs processed with vsco c1 preset

These unusual Airbnbs are straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

The more unique Airbnb gets, the more we want to stay there, and that concept is being cashed in right now thanks to Wes Anderson's latest film.
A Qantas flight crew walking through the airport.

Not sure how to get over jet lag? A new report reveals Qantas has cracked the code

If you'd like to do more sightseeing and less napping, Qantas airline found ways for you to fight the effects of jet lag if you have a long flight ahead of you.
Wolves looking through the bedroom window at Canada's Parc Omega Wolf Cabin.

Sleep among a pack of wolves at Canada’s luxe-adventure Parc Omega Wolf Cabins

If you crave more than a "traditional" wilderness glamping experience, this one-of-a-kind lodge lets you sleep among the world’s greatest predators.
Listening to music in an airport with the Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.

Perfect for traveling, Sony’s best wireless headphones are $50 off

Land a great deal on some great headphones for traveling with this $50 discount on the Sony SH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.